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Travel and study French program

You want to learn French and to visit French-speaking Europe ?


Come and study in Switzerland (Leysin) and in France (near Biarritz) !


You are a small group of 2 to 5 people (family / friends / colleagues...) 

You choose the number of weeks you want the course to last


We offer you :

1. a tailor-made program of travel, studies and activities

2. the focus on language fluency and cultural exposure



Teaching Monday through Friday :

2 hours of class daily

2 hours of activities daily

total per week : CHF 300



Housing :

Switzerland : CHF 40 to 60 (double) or 60 to 80 (single) a night approximately

Basque coast : EUR 35 (double) or EUR 55 (single) a night



Want to study English ?

Possibility of stays in Colorado, USA


Voxlingua is a French language school based in French-speaking Switzerland. Located in the the ski resort  of Leysin, the school offers linguistic stays in French (and in English) along with optional sport and cultural activities. The school prepares students for French exams (Alliance française and DELF-DALF) as well as English ones (Cambridge exams), the whole year round